This is a To-do list mobile application which allows the users to add and remove to-do task from their list.


  • User can add a task to their list.
  • User can remove a task from their list.
  • Lightweight functionalities make the application to possibly run on almost every application.


  • Clone the repository by the command :
    git clone
  • Install the dependencies by the following command :
    npm install
  • To run the application run the following command :
    npm start

Opening the application in Mobile

  • Open your playstore(if on android) or app-store(if on iOS) and install the app called “Expo”.

  • Connect the mobile device and the system under the same network in which the application is running.

  • Open up the Expo App installed on you device and enter the URL or scan the barcode The URL and the Barcode can be seen in the terminal where our project is running and make sure to not close the terminal else the project stops

  • Kaboom, the application starts running ??


  • Click on the + button to add a new task.
  • Click on the task to delete the task.


  • There is absolutly no need to read any more files for contribution, gently submit a pull request and i will take a look. GreatThumbsGIF

Technology used

  • React-native
  • Expo


I would like to give the credits to @made with matt


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