Create React Web or/and Native library

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CLI which allows creating libraries for web and React Native applications.

Code sharing is important, thus React Native and Web.

The Cli will create template project for your library with typescript, storybook, jest and linters out of the box.

This bootsraped library can be used both in React and React Native projects, ideally for libraries that need to share code between apps (eg ui-kit).


In order to run node must be v14 or higher

npm i -g create-rnw-library

Create new module

Run the following command in the desired destination:


Answer to the prompts and your module is ready, with the selected template, installed dependencies nad git initiated.


When working with your moudle created from the template, storybook is already installed and can be used form the start:

yarn storybook

Or if you want to see how to import it in the other apps you can in the root of your module:

yarn build

and in the new tab:

cd example;
yarn start


MIT © Marko Ristic


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