React Native library to detect clicks outside the component ?

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? Installation

yarn add react-native-click-outside

? Usage

First of all, you need to wrap your app with ClickOutsideProvider as high as possible, for example in App.tsx:

import { ClickOutsideProvider } from 'react-native-click-outside';

export const App = () => (
    { /* rest of your app */ }

Then you can call useClickOutside hook to detect clicks outside the component. First argument is the function that will be called every time user clicks outside of this component. It returns ref that you need to attach to the component you want to detect clicks outside of. For example:

import { useClickOutside } from 'react-native-click-outside';

export default function MyComponent() {
  const ref = useClickOutside<View>(() => console.log('clicked outside A'));
  return (
    <View ref={ref}>

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