React Native: Native Styled Dialogs

React Native Library that shows a beautiful and customizable designed dialog with header. This library is a bridge around Android: MaterialStyledDialogs & iOS: PMAlertController


Getting started

$ npm install react-native-styled-dialogs --save

$ react-native link react-native-styled-dialogs

  • Android

Library id supported SDK 25 > above

Please add below snippet into your app build.gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven {
            url ""
  • iOS

    • Run Command: cd ../node_modules/react-native-styled-dialogs/ios && pod install. If it has error => try pod repo update then pod install

    • Add PMAlertController in your app Embedded Binaries & Linked Frameworks and Libraries. Please follow below video in order to achieve the same:

    • Now build your iOS app through Xcode

    • If you receive below error, please check video below in order to resolve the same:



import RNStyledDialogs from 'react-native-styled-dialogs';

  title: "Awesome!",
    "Glad to you like RNStyledDialogs! If you are up for it, we would like to appreciate you receiving us.",
  positiveText: "Go",
  neutralText: "Close",
  negativeText: "Later",
  onPositive: () => { },
  onNeutral: () => { },
  onNegative: () => { },
  onCancellable: () => { }


  • Props: Generic
Prop Type Default Note
title string Specify title on dialogs
description string Specify description on dialog
positiveText string Specify positive button text
neutralText string Specify neutral button text
negativeText string Specify positive negative button text
headerBackgroundColor string - HEX COLOR #FFFFFF Specify header background color
headerIcon string Specify header icon
dialogAnimation bool true Specify dialog animation (enable/disable)
darkerOverlay bool false Specify dialog overlay (enable/disable)
cancelable bool Specify cancelable of dialog behaviour (enable/disable)
autoDismiss bool false Specify dialog should get automatically dismiss or not (enable/disable)
onPositive func Specify positive click callback function
onNeutral bool Specify netural click callback function
onNegative bool Specify negative click callback function
onCancellation bool true Specify cancellation callback function
  • Props: Android
Prop Type Default Note
headerBackgroundImage string Specify header background image
headerTitle string Specify header title
headerIconAnimation bool true Specify header icon animation (enable/disable)
scrollable bool false Specify description scrollable (enable/disable)
maxLines number 5 Specify description max number of lines
  • Props: iOS
Prop Type Default Note
positiveTextColor string - HEX COLOR Specify positive button text color
positiveBackgroundColor string - HEX COLOR #FFFFFF Specify positive button background color
neutralTextColor string - HEX COLOR Specify neutral button text color
neutralBackgroundColor string - HEX COLOR #FFFFFF Specify neutral button background color
negativeTextColor string - HEX COLOR Specify negative button text color
negativeBackgroundColor string - HEX COLOR #FFFFFF Specify negative button background color

Providing Images

Note: Since we are using native libraries, we have not found a solution in order to render RN Images in production, therefore please copy all your image assets in platform specific folders:

  • Android: Please copy your image assets in app resource drawable folder
  • iOS: Please copy your image assets in app resources folder

Please refer example application for the image usage.