Bitcoin thin client for iOS & Android. Built with React Native.

  • Private keys never leave your device
  • Lightning Network supported
  • SegWit-first. Replace-By-Fee support
  • Encryption. Plausible deniability
  • And many more features...


Please refer to the engines field in package.json file for the minimum required versions of Node and npm. It is preferred that you use an even-numbered version of Node as these are LTS versions.

To view the version of Node and npm in your environment, run the following in your console:

node --version && npm --version
  • In your console:
git clone
cd BlueWallet
npm install

Please make sure that your console is running the most stable versions of npm and node (even-numbered versions).

  • To run on Android:

You will now need to either connect an Android device to your computer or run an emulated Android device using AVD Manager which comes shipped with Android Studio. To run an emulator using AVD Manager:

  1. Download and run Android Studio
  2. Click on "Open an existing Android Studio Project"
  3. Open build.gradle file under BlueWallet/android/ folder
  4. Android Studio will take some time to set things up. Once everything is set up, go to Tools -> AVD Manager
  5. Click on "Create Virtual Device..." and go through the steps to create a virtual device
  6. Launch your newly created virtual device by clicking the Play button under Actions column

Once you connected an Android device or launched an emulator, run this:

npx react-native run-android

The above command will build the app and install it. Once you launch the app it will take some time for all of the dependencies to load. Once everything loads up, you should have the built app running.

  • To run on iOS:
cd ios
pod install
cd ..
npm start ios


npm run test


I was not satisfied with existing iOS Bitcoin apps, especially with BreadWallet (the one I mainly used) where development stalled and they could not even deliver such features as SegWit, RBF and custom fees (at the times where custom fees were especially needed).
So I knew I could create one to use myself and let others use it.
I had experience with awesome bitcoin-js lib (javascript), and since I dont own any Macs, don't plan to and not going to learn ObjC/Swift - ReactNative (where you also write in javascript) was an obvious choice.