MoneyBoy App

A cross-platform app for tracking spending between groups of people


First, make sure to have the following installed on your system:

  • Node.js and NPM
  • Ruby and Bundler (for Fastlane)
  • Python 3 (for scripts)
  • For iOS development:
    • Xcode 12
    • Homebrew
  • For Android development:
    • Java 14

To bootstrap a development environment, run scripts/setup --ios or scripts/setup --android, depending on which platform you want to build for. This should e.g. generate the corresponding Xcode project and install the required dependencies.

To run the application, you can now e.g. use npm run ios or npm run android, or directly run the project from Xcode, in case you develop for iOS.

To build the application from the command line, you can use the provided build lanes with fastlane, or invoke xcodebuild/gradle directly. Refer to the CI workflows for examples.

For further instructions, check out the official docs.