? Installation

  1. Clone the repository

    Via HTTPS: git clone

    Via SSH: git clone [email protected]:Elite0902/PegavaDatingApp.git

  2. Install the necessary packages.

    Go to the main directory and install the necessary packages

    cd PegavaDatingApp/
  3. Start developing.

    Initiate the project in development mode

    expo start


?‍ What is Pegava?

Pegava is supposed to be a dating app. I made it back at the pandemic’s beginning but was never released. So I’m making it open source so the community can take a look and maybe use it better. I rapidly refactored it recently to make sure things are up to date after more than a year without updates.

?‍? What are the technologies used?

Here are some of them:

? Contributing + ? Issues

They make the open-source community such a fantastic place to learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are much appreciated.

Feel free to file a new issue with a respective title and description on the Pegava repository.

If you already found a solution to your problem, I would love to review your pull request!

  1. Fork the Project
  2. Create your Feature Branch (git checkout -b feature/AmazingFeature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -m 'Add some AmazingFeature')
  4. Push to the Branch (git push origin feature/AmazingFeature)
  5. Open a Pull Request

? License

This project was made in 2020, released publicly in 2022.

The project is under the The Creative Commons CC0 license.

Made with ? by Elite0902 ?


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