A mobile application to track your gym workouts, nutrition, and connect with others

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The point of this app is to help apply, solidify, and showcase my knowledge of React-Native and Typescript with a real world application. Since im going to build something, why not build something useful to myself while having the potential to spin off into a startup product?

Big Ideas


  1. Users can easily track and plan their workouts and nutrition
  2. Users can budget and plan for their meal prep
  3. Users can share and seek meal prep ideas


  1. Users share and showcase their workout progress, and lazy asses like me come here to seek motivation in order get my myself to the gym every morning
  2. Users can seek and provide personal training services throught this app
  3. Users can socialize and meet gym buddies here

Gamification through blockchain

  1. User’s identity is secured on a blockchain
  2. User are ranked with levels akin to a game, where experience points are earned to level up
  3. Experience points are earned / ‘mined’ by a human driven consensus mechanism (Eg. community verifying a user’s weight lifting through video clip)
  4. 3rd party game developers can develop unique and customized gaming experiences (Eg. A figting game whereby the player’s stats are linked to their real world body strength.)
  5. Governments can incentivize people to stay fit by introducing reward programmes using this identity.
  6. Whatever applications and monetization schemes you can think of….(Do let me know)

Thought Process

User Requirements

For now, the persona / user of Shoken will just be me. The requirements are captured in the form of user stories, and can be found in this Google Doc:


The key user flows are documented in a flow-chart, and can be found in the docs folder. From there, wireframes are created using Figma, which can be viewed here:

The UI is currently at prototype stage, it will need to be redesigned by a UI/UX designer before release.


In order to save time and money during initial development, Google Firebase (Backend as a service) is used for now.

Project Execution

Bugs and features are tracked on Github Projects:

Current at Phase 1 Stage 1

Phase 1:

  1. Build the utility features in IOS and Android
  2. Launch App on
  3. Watch OS / Wear OS app for easy workout tracking
  4. Grow users

Phase 2:

  1. Build social features
  2. Perfect utility features
  3. Grow users

Phase 3:

  1. Build blockchain features
  2. Grow users
  3. Partner with compannies / institutions


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