YouTrack Mobile

A iOS and Android client for YouTrack

YouTrack Mobile

YouTrack Mobile app lets you stay on track with your tasks while you're on the go:

  • Easily work with your projects and tasks no matter where you are. You can create, view, and update issues, as well as attach images and other files.
  • Stay on track with real-time notifications about activity in your tasks and projects.
  • Alert members of your team regarding changes that require their attention. Use the @ sign to mention a colleague in an issue comment.
  • View and organize your issues on agile boards.

YouTrack Mobile is written in React Native together with Redux and Flow. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms.


Bug and Issue Tracker

Should you have any problems, report them to the YouTrack Mobile issue tracker.


YouTrack Mobile is an open-source project. We are very happy to accept community contributions.


Before submitting PR's, read:


yarn install


  1. Install XCode.
    It's also recommended to install Xcode command line tools xcode-select --install.
  2. From Xcode settings download an iOS simulator.


Setup Android environment.


  1. Start a development server yarn start
  2. Perform yarn ios or yarn android-emulator && yarn android.
  3. Perform error check yarn lint
  4. Run tests yarn test