Feather Remote ?

A mobile app that I created to improve my skills on React Native, Typescript and Python (server-side with Flask). The app is basically a remote controller for a fictional hoverboard, which the user can make it fly higher or lower, change the speed limit, change the flashlight color, check the battery, turn it on and off, etc.


MIB is a fictional company that I created in my head, and it’s a slang to “Made In Brazil”, which would be a company that would make “futuristic” technologies, and would be focused on building the future. In other words, MIB would bring the future and sci-fi to reality


Front-end: The app is being developed with React Native (Expo) + TypeScript.

Back-end: The server side is being developed using Python (Flask) and MongoDB as database

Preview ?

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3

Screenshots taken from an emulated Pixel 3


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