SD Hacks 2022: A 48-hour hackathon project geared towards health & wellbeing.



Prospect: A mobile app where users compete to explore new places.

  • To get people outside by visiting new places.
  • Local businesses will also prosper from this.

What it does

  • Game where the more places you visit the more points you accumulate, rarer locations → more points → ranking page (profile)
  • Shows nearby locations to visit
  • When the locations are visited, they become colored
  • Calendar/Trip planner so you can schedule your trips to these locations after finding them (we can provide pings as the date gets closer)
  • Chat and share trips with Friends
  • Build your profile with trips, photos, and interests


  • Accessibility for people with color blindness
  • Zoom and panning the map for people who have bad eyesight
  • Shows nearby attractions and locations to visit
  • Could be recommended based on certain parameters (distance, popularity, COVID-19 rates)
  • Maybe Teams?


  • Welcome
  • Home
  • Events/Ranking ( between teams & members)
  • Individual
  • Profile (rankings button, friends…)
  • Team (limit on #)
  • Friends
  • Trip Planner

Tech Stack


  • DigitalOcean


  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL


  • TypeScript
  • React Native
  • Apollo / URQL
  • Code gen


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