NativeBase is a mobile-first, accessible component library for building a consistent design system across android, iOS & web.

1. Introduction?

NativeBase is a mobile-first, component library for React & React Native. Version 3.0 ships with complete ARIA integration, support for utility props and nearly 40 components that are consistent across Android, iOS and Web. Fast-track your dev process with NativeBase 3.0.

Recommended by Awesome React Native

NativeBase was added to the list of Frameworks of Awesome React Native and it is used by numerous React lovers across the world.

2. Motivation

Building with React Native from scratch is a tedious process with multiple steps such as adding styling, interactions, state management, responsiveness, accessibility, etc. We wanted to build and ship accessible, high-quality apps quickly.

Our inspirations include Material UI, Chakra UI, Ant Design, Braid Design System, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS & Flutter.

3. Features

Out of the Box Accessibility

Integrated with React ARIA and React Native ARIA, which provides React hooks. This enables you to build accessible design systems in no time.

Out of the box accessibility

Supporting Utility Props

Powered by Styled System so you can rapidly build custom UI components with constraint-based utility style props.

Rich Component Library

NativeBase offers around 40 components so you can build seamlessly. It includes button, checkbox, flex, stack and more.

Highly Themeable

Themeability is one of the core elements of NativeBase. You can customise your app theme and component styles to your heart's content.

Nativebase Logo

Available for Both Mobile and Web

NativeBase 3.0 is powered by React Native Web so you can build consistent UIs across Web, Android and iOS.

Responsiveness Made Easy

Instead of manually adding responsiveness, NativeBase 3.0 allows you to provide object and array values to add responsive styles.

Now with Dark Mode

Building apps with a dark mode setting just got a whole lot easier. NativeBase is now optimised for light and dark modes.

4. Dependencies

React Native, Expo

5. Installation

NativeBase is supported in Expo or React Native CLI initiated apps. Web support is made possible by react-native-web.

Refer the guides to setup NativeBase in your React app.

6. Components

NativeBase 3.0 is a rich component library with nearly 40 components.

7. Examples

Check out the Login Screen example

8. KitchenSink App

Kitchen Sink is a comprehensive demo app showcasing all the NativeBase components in action. It includes buttons, forms, icons, etc.

![Kitchensink App gif]( =x500px) ![Kitchensink App QR code]( =x500px)

9. Tech Stack

JavaScript, React Native, Styled System

10. Compatible Versions

NativeBase React Native
v0.1.1 v0.22 to v0.23
v0.2.0 to v0.3.1 v0.24 to v0.25
v0.4.6 to v0.4.9 v0.26.0 - v0.27.1
v0.5.0 to v0.5.15 v0.26.0 - v0.37.0
v0.5.16 to v0.5.20 v0.38.0 - v0.39.0
v2.0.0-alpha1 to v2.1.3 v0.38.0 to v0.43.0
v2.1.4 to v2.1.5 v0.44.0 to v0.45.0
v2.2.0 v0.44.0 to v0.45.0
v2.2.1 v0.46.0 and above
v2.3.0 to 2.6.1 v0.46.0 and above (does not support React 16.0.0-alpha.13)
v2.7.0 v0.56.0 and above
v3.0.0-next.36 to v3.0.0-next-41 v0.63.0 and above