My Universal React Project

? How to use

  • Install packages with yarn or npm install.
    • If you have native iOS code run npx pod-install
  • Run yarn start to start the bundler.
  • Open the project in a React runtime to try it:

Adding Native Code

This project can be run from a web browser or the Expo client app. You may find that you want to add more native code later on. You can do this by ejecting the project and rebuilding it yourself.

  • Run yarn eject to create the native projects.
  • You can still run your project in the web browser or Expo client, you just won’t be able to access any new native modules you add.


  • Deploy the native app to the App store and Play store using this guide: Deployment.
  • Deploy the website using this guide: Web deployment.

? Notes

App ScreenShots:



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