An app to detect colorwaves (swatches/palettes) in the real world – powered by VisionCamera and Reanimated.

I wrote this app in less than a day, a speed simply not matched by native app development. Because it’s written in React Native (TypeScript/JavaScript), it runs both on iOS and Android, but performance critical parts (e.g. the image processing algorithm or the animations) are backed by native Objective-C/Swift/Java code.

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Try it!

Download the repository and run the following commands to try Colorwaver for yourself:


yarn try-ios


yarn try-android

Project structure

This is a bare React Native project, created with create-react-native-app.

  • ? src: Contains the actual TypeScript + React (-Native) front-end for the Colorwaver App.
    • ? src/getColorPalette.ts: Exposes the native iOS/Android frame processor plugin as a JS function with TypeScript types. This function has to be called from a frame processor. ('worklet')

    • ? src/Router.tsx: The main component that gets registered by index.js. This acts as a main navigator, navigating either to the Splash Page (Permissions) or the App Page (Main App) depending on whether the user has granted permissions or not.

    • ? src/Splash.tsx: The first Splash page to ask the user for Camera permission.

    • ? src/App.tsx: Contains the actual source code for the App’s front-end.

      • VisionCamera is used to get a Camera device and display a Camera component. Also, a frame processor (a function that gets called for every frame the camera “sees”) gets attached, which calls the native iOS/Android frame processor plugin.
      • Reanimated is used to smoothly animate between color changes.

      Because VisionCamera also uses the Worklet API, the entire process between receiving a camera frame and actually displaying the palette’s colors does not use the React-JS Thread at all.
      The frame processing runs on a separate Thread from VisionCamera, which then dispatches the animations on the Reanimated UI Thread.
      This is why the App runs as smooth as a native iOS or Android app.

    • ? src/useAnimatedColor.ts: A helper function to animate color changes with SharedValues.

  • ? ios: Contains the basic skeleton for a React Native iOS app, plus the native getColorPalette(...) Frame Processor Plugin.
    • ? ios/PaletteFrameProcessorPlugin.m: Declares the Swift frame processor plugin “getColorPalette(...)“.

    • ? ios/PaletteFrameProcessorPlugin.swift: Contains the actual Swift code for the native iOS frame processor plugin “getColorPalette(...)“.

      This uses the CoreImage API to convert the CMSampleBuffer to a UIImage, and then uses the UIImageColors library to build the color palette.

      VisionCamera’s frame processor API is used to expose this function as a frame processor plugin.

    • ? ios/Colorwaver-Bridging-Header.h: A Bridging Header to import Objective-C headers into Swift.

    • ? ios/Podfile: Adds the UIImageColors library.

    • ? ios/UIColor+hexString.swift: An extension for UIColor to convert UIColor instances to strings. This is required because React Native handles colors as strings.

  • ? android: Contains the basic skeleton for a React Native Android app, plus the native getColorPalette(...) Frame Processor Plugin.
    • ? android/app/build.gradle: The gradle build file for the Android project. The following third-party dependencies are installed:

      • camera-core
      • androidx.palette: palette
    • ? android/app/src/main/java/com/colorwaver/utils: Contains two files copied from android/camera-samples to convert ImageProxy instances to Bitmaps. (YuvToRgbConverter.kt)

    • ? android/app/src/main/java/com/colorwaver: Contains the actual Java source code of the Project.

    • ? android/app/src/main/java/com/colorwaver/ Sets up react-native-reanimated.

    • ? android/app/src/main/java/com/colorwaver/ Installs the PaletteFrameProcessorPlugin frame processor plugin inside of the onCreate method.

    • ? android/app/src/main/java/com/colorwaver/ Contains the actual Java code for the native Android frame processor plugin “getColorPalette(...)“.

      This uses the YuvToRgbConverter to convert the ImageProxy to a Bitmap, and then passes that to the Palette API from AndroidX to build the color palette.

      VisionCamera’s frame processor API is used to expose this function as a frame processor plugin.

  • ? babel.config.js: Adds the native frame processor plugin getColorPalette (called __getColorPalette) to Reanimated’s global list.



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