? React Native Numeric Pad ?

A React Native component for amount or verification code input. It easily handles both decimals and integers, and runs smoothly for both IOS and Android. The design is simple and clear with numbers, dot, and one custom button.

? Demo

Decimal Input Integer Input
demo_decimal demo_integer

? Note

  1. This keyboard has basic input validation such as number of point and the point’s position.
  2. This package only contains the number pad(second half screen). You need to bind the value and a handler function with your onw component(see my example).
  3. The value output form this keyboard is a string type. Don’t forget to convert to achieve your goal?

? Getting Started

via NPM

npm i react-native-numeric-pad

? Note
This component has a peer dependency: "react-native": "^0.63.4", to smoothly match your 
project you may ues:

npm i react-native-numeric-pad --legacy-peer-deps

via Yarn

yarn add react-native-numeric-pad

? Usage

import  NumericPad  from  'react-native-numeric-pad'


  onValueChange={(v) => { setState(v)} }

?? Props

Prop Type Default Required
numLength number Yes
onValueChange func No
activeOpacity number 0.9 No
buttonSize number 60 No
allowDecimal boolean true No
style ViewStyle No
buttonAreaStyle ViewStyle No
buttonItemStyle ViewStyle No
buttonTextStyle TextStyle { color: '#000', fontSize: 30, fontWeight: '400' } No
numericDisabled boolean false No
accessible boolean false No
buttonTextByKey object {one: "1",two: "2",three: "3",four: "4",five: "5",six: "6",seven: "7",eight: "8",nine: "9",dot: '.',zero: "0",} No
rightBottomButton React.Component null No
onRightBottomButtonPress func No
rightBottomButtonDisabled boolean false No
rightBottomButtonSize number 60 No
rightBottomAccessibilityLabel string "right_bottom" No
rightBottomButtonItemStyle ViewStyle No

?? Ref Actions

const numpadRef = useRef(null)

Prop Description
numpadRef.current.clearAll() This method completely clears the entered code.
numpadRef.current.clear() This method only delete last number of entered code.

? My Example

import  React, { useState, useRef } from  'react'
import { StyleSheet, Text, View, TextInput } from  'react-native'
import { Button } from  '@ant-design/react-native'
import { Ionicons } from  '@expo/vector-icons'
import  NumericPad  from  'react-native-numeric-pad'
import { I18n } from  '../../i18n'
import { LAYOUT, COLORS } from  '../../theme'
import { deviceHeight, deviceWidth } from  '../../theme/devices'

export  default  function  Widget ({ navigation, route }) {
const [amount, setAmount] = useState('')
const numpadRef = useRef(null)

return (
  <View style={styles.container}>
    <View style={styles.shadowBox}>
      <Text>{I18n.translate('amount')} $</Text>

    <View style={styles.keyboardContainer}>
      <Button style={styles.btn}  type='primary'
        onPress={() => {}}
        {I18n.translate('confirm') + ' →'}

        onValueChange={value => setAmount(value)}
        // Try them to understand each area :)
        // style={{ backgroundColor: 'black', paddingVertical: 12 }}
        // buttonAreaStyle={{ backgroundColor: 'gray' }}
        // buttonItemStyle={{ backgroundColor: 'red' }}
        rightBottomButton={<Ionicons name={'ios-backspace-outline'} size={28} color={'#000'}/>}
        onRightBottomButtonPress={() => {numpadRef.current.clear()}

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  container: {
    flex: 1,
    padding: LAYOUT['spacing-05']
  shadowBox: {
    width: '100%',
    borderRadius: LAYOUT['spacing-03'],
    padding: LAYOUT['spacing-05'],
    backgroundColor: COLORS.WHITE,
    shadowOffset: {
      height: 3,
      width: 3
    shadowOpacity: 0.15,
    shadowRadius: 5,
    shadowColor: '#1D2660',
    elevation: 5
  amountTxt: {
    fontSize: 38,
    fontWeight: '700',
    lineHeight: 40,
    marginTop: LAYOUT['spacing-06'],
    color: COLORS['brand-01']
  keyboardContainer: {
    width: deviceWidth,
    height: deviceHeight * 0.46,
    borderRadius: 26,
    justifyContent: 'center',
    alignItems: 'center',
    paddingHorizontal: 16,
    position: 'absolute',
    bottom: 0,
    backgroundColor: COLORS.WHITE,
    shadowOffset: {
      height: 3,
      width: 3
    shadowOpacity: 0.15,
    shadowRadius: 5,
    shadowColor: '#1D2660',
    elevation: 5
  btn: {
    width: '100%',
    marginTop: 10,
    backgroundColor: COLORS['brand-01']

? License

This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE.md file for details


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