A React Native component for generating and displaying interactive category list.

Compatible with both Android and iOS.



npm i --save react-native-category

And then set up react-native-vector-icons for your project.

Please file an issue if you have any trouble!


import Category from 'react-native-category';


constructor(props) {

  //setup data category = [
    {id: 1, title: 'Apple'},
    {id: 2, title: 'Samsung'},
    {id: 3, title: 'Sony'},
    {id: 4, title: 'Nokia'},
    {id: 5, title: 'HTC'},
    {id: 6, title: 'LG'}

//func call when click item category
_itemChoose(item) {

//in render

  itemSelected={(item) => this._itemChoose(item)}
  itemText={'title'}  //set attribule of object show in item category


Category type Text Item

Prop Type Description Required Default
data array Data category Yes []
itemText string Attribule show in item category Yes ''
itemSelected function A function to handle item category presses. Yes None
textType string Set type for text (upper, lower, capitalize) No None
indexSelected number Set item category selected default No 0

Category type Image Item

Prop Type Description Required Default
imageData array Image data category No []
iconSet string The name of the icon set item category image belongs to. Refer to react-native-vector-icons. No FontAwesome
iconSize number Set size icon item category No 30

Category props style

Prop Type Description Required Default
style style Custom style for category No None
itemStyles style Custom style for item category No None
colorTextDefault string Set Color text default No #f5f3f4
colorTextSelected string Set Color text selected No #000000
colorItemDefault string Set Color item default No rgba(255,255,255,0.2)
colorItemSelected string Set Color item selected No #FF4E50
colorIconDefault string Set Color icon default No #900
colorIconSelected string Set Color icon selected No #FFF
bounces bool Bounces iOS No false