A react native component to use UIMenu on iOS 13 and later.

  • Support for creating menu actions and submenu's (nested and in-line menu's)
  • Support for customizing the menu icons (i.e. support for SF Symbols, require(), and asset icons, icon tint, etc.)
  • Support for iOS 14 functionality (like the UIButton context menu, updating the menu while its visible, etc.)
  • Support for setting (almost) all of the native UIMenu and UIAction properties (e.g. UIMenuElementState, MenuElementAtrributes, discoverabilityTitle, etc.)
  • Basic ActionSheetIOS menu fallback for iOS 12 and below.
  • Support for creating custom context menu previews (with support for dynamic or fixed preview sizes, setting the UIPreviewParameters, specifying a UITargetedPreview, etc.)

ContextMenuView Left: Example 1, Example 2, and Right: Example 3, Example 4
Simple Example 1 to 4 Gifs

ContextMenuView Left: Example 5, Example 6, and Right: Example 7, Example 8
Simple Example 5 to 8 Gifs

ContextMenuView Left: Example 9, and Right: Example 10
Simple Example 9 and 8 Gifs

ContextMenuView Left: Example 11, Example 12, and Right: Example 13, Example 14
Simple Example 11 to 14 Gifs

ContextMenuView Left: Test 1, and Right: Test 2
Context Menu View Test 1 and 2 Gifs

ContextMenuView Left: Test 3, and Right: Test 4
Context Menu View Test 3 and 4 Gifs

ContextMenuView Left: Test 5, and Right: Test 6
Context Menu View Test 5 and 6 Gifs

ContextMenuView Left/Right: Test 7
Context Menu View 7 Gifs

ContextMenuView ActionSheetIOS fallback for simple example 1 to 9
Action Sheet Fallback for Simple Example 1 to 9 Gifs

ContextMenuView ActionSheetIOS fallback for context menu view test 1 to 6
Action Sheet Fallback for Context Menu View Test 1 to 6 Gifs

ContextMenuButton Left: Example 1, and Right: Example 2
Simple Example 1 and 2 Gifs