react-native-grading is a RN component for users to grade scores. Four modes are supplied by the component, arcs/simles/stars/board.



There are at least 3 examples for each mode in order to show component in different status. In every test group, the first grading component is enabled, the second one is read only, the third one is disabled.

Before Using: Link ART in Xcode

Using this component directly in your project may encounter the following error:

No component found for view with name "ARTSurfaceView"
First find ART.xcdoeproj from your-project/node_modules/react-native/Libraies/ART/ART.xcdoeproj and drag it into Xcode your-project/Libraries.

Then turn to the project's General Settings and add libART.a into the Linked Frameworks and Libraries list.

Finally, press cmd + B to rebuild project.