Urban Dictionary

A React Native implementation of the Urban Dictionary App, platform agnostic, runs on both iOS and Android

I wrote something about this app on medium, thanks to all the 2 people who read it.


About the app

This is a simple app for Urban Dictionary with minimal features.

  • Random word of the day
  • Search for terms/words.
  • Up/Downvote word
  • Favourite word
  • Trending terms
  • Submit to App store and/or Google Play store.

Getting Started

  • Clone the app

    git clone https://github.com/edwinbosire/Urbandict.git

  • run npm in the project root folder

    npm install

  • run on simulator

    react-native run-ios --simulator "iPhone 5s"

    Avoid this by opening the project in xcode and chosing run, this is also a better environment to read & fix build time errors.

If you encounter any problem, refer to the React Native Documentation.


To run the project, you will need Node, Watchman, React-Native CLI and Xcode or Android SDK depending on your chosen platform, you can install these using Homebrew

brew install node

brew install watchman

Node comes with npm, you can use Yarn if you prefer or any other package manager.

npm install -g react-native-cli

  • Android SDK or Xcode

Get Xcode from the Mac App Store