A react native module for generating thumbnail for PDF files.

A wrapper for:

  • PDFKit on iOS (requires iOS 11+)
  • PdfRenderer on Android (requires API level 21 - LOLLIPOP)

No other JavaScript or native dependencies needed.


npm install react-native-pdf-thumbnail


import PdfThumbnail from "react-native-pdf-thumbnail";

// For iOS, the filePath can be a file URL.
// For Android, the filePath can be either a content URI, a file URI or an absolute path.
const filePath = 'file:///mnt/sdcard/myDocument.pdf';
const page = 0;

// The thumbnail image is stored in caches directory, file uri is returned.
// Image dimensions are also available to help you display it correctly.
const { uri, width, height } = await PdfThumbnail.generate(filePath, page);

// Generate thumbnails for all pages, returning an array of the object above.
const results = await PdfThumbnail.generateAllPages(filePath);


The example app contains a document picker, it generates and displays a thumbnail for the selected PDF file.

To run it:

yarn bootstrap
cd example
yarn ios
yarn android
iOS Android
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