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VideoPlayer for the React Native <Video> component at react-native-video.


⭐️ Features

This package contains a simple set of GUI controls that work with the react-native-video <Video> component.

  • Back Button
  • Volume bar
  • Fullscreen button
  • Play/Pause button
  • Rewind/Forward buttons
  • Seekbar
  • Title
  • Error handling
  • Timer
  • Rate button

By default the <VideoPlayer> accepts a navigator property from React’s built-in <Navigator> which pops the current scene off the stack when tapped. Alternatively you can provide your own onBack prop to the component to override this functionality. You should also provide your own onEnd prop to the component so it knows what to do when a video ends playback.

By default, tapping the screen anywhere will show the player controls. After 15s the controls disappear. Double tapping will toggle fullscreen.

⚙️ Installation

Run yarn add react-native-video react-native-media-console

Then follow installation instructions from react-native-video.

We’re actively supporting only RN < 45.

? Usage

The <VideoPlayer> component follows the API of the <Video> component at react-native-video. It also takes a number of additional props which are outlined in the API section.

For basic operation the <VideoPlayer> component requires a video source and a navigator property. The default back button functionality in the component relies on using the built-in <Navigator> functionality in React Native and pops the current scene off the stack. This can be overridden if desired, see the API for more details.

// At the top where our imports are...
import VideoPlayer from 'react-native-media-console';

// in the component's render() function
  source={{uri: 'https://vjs.zencdn.net/v/oceans.mp4'}}

To play a local file, use require syntax like so:

<VideoPlayer source={require('path/to/file')} />


The <VideoPlayer> component can take a number of inputs to customize it as needed. They are outlined below:


You can pass any of the props that the <Video /> component at react-native-video takes. Simply add them onto the <VideoPlayer /> and it will pass them through to the <Video /> component.

In addition, the <VideoPlayer /> also takes these props:

Prop Type Default Description
toggleResizeModeOnFullscreen Boolean false If true, clicking the fullscreen button will toggle the <Video /> component between cover/contain, set to false if you want to customize fullscreen behaviour
controlAnimationTiming Integer 500 The amountof time (in milliseconds) to animate the controls in and out.
doubleTapTime Integer 130 Tapping twice within this amount of time in milliseconds is considered a double tap. Single taps will not be actioned until this time has expired.
controlTimeoutDelay Integer 15000 Hide controls after X amount of time in milliseconds
showOnStart Boolean false Show or hide the controls on first render
videoStyle StyleSheet null React Native StyleSheet object that is appended to the <Video> component
navigator Navigator null When using the default React Native navigator and do not override the onBack function, you’ll need to pass the navigator to the VideoPlayer for it to function
rewindTime Integer 15 Number of seconds to rewind or forward.
seekColor String(#HEX) ‘#FFF’ Fill/handle colour of the seekbar
style StyleSheet null React Native StyleSheet object that is appended to the video’s parent <View>
tapAnywhereToPause Boolean false If true, single tapping anywhere on the video (other than a control) toggles between playing and paused.
showDuration Boolean false Show duration of the media.
showTimeRemaining Boolean false If true, show the time remaing, else show the current time in the Player.
showHours Boolean false If true, convert time to hours in the Player
videoRef Video undefined Pass ref to the <Video/> component


These are various events that you can hook into and fire functions on in the component:

Callback Description
onEnterFullscreen Fired when the video enters fullscreen after the fullscreen button is pressed
onExitFullscreen Fired when the video exits fullscreen after the fullscreen button is pressed
onHideControls Fired when the controls disappear
onShowControls Fired when the controls appear
onError Fired when an error is encountered when loading the video
onPause Fired when the video is paused after the play/pause button is pressed
onPlay Fired when the video begins playing after the play/pause button is pressed
onBack Function fired when back button is pressed, override if using custom navigation
onEnd Fired when the video is complete


These are the various controls that you can turn on/off as needed. All of these props default to false, override them to disable any controls

Control Description
disableFullscreen Hide the fullscreen button
disablePlayPause Hide the play/pause toggle and the rewind/forward buttons
disableSeekbar Hide the seekbar
disableVolume Hide the Volume control
disableTimer Hide the timer
disableBack Hide the back button


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