A simple and customizable library to display hyperlinks in React Native

Features ✨

  • ? Automatic detection for links, mentions and hashtags
  • ? Full unicode support
  • ? International domains support
  • ? Custom hyperlink style
  • ⚙️ Custom linkify-it instance
  • ? Tiny
  • ? Created with Typescript

Without this library vs with this library

About ?️

Uses linkify-it under the hood. Created for my social network app, Drakkle

Installation ⚙️

yarn add react-native-hyperlinks linkify-it

Usage ?

import React from "react";
import { Linking } from "react-native";
import Hyperlinks from "react-native-hyperlinks";

export default function App() {
  function handleOnLinkPress(link: string) {

  function handleOnMentionPress (username: string) {

  function handleOnHashtagPress (tag: string) {

  return (
      text="Hello!! @andresribeiro #hi https://duck.com aaaaa"
      style={{ fontSize: 18 }}
      hyperlinkStyle={{ color: 'purple' }}

Props ✍️

Property Default Type Required
text undefined string true
hyperlinkStyle undefined StyleProp<TextStyle> false
autoDetectMentions true boolean false
autoDetectHastags true boolean false
customHyperlinks undefined CustomHyperlink[] false
onLinkPress undefined (link: string) => unknown false
onMentionPress undefined (username: string) => unknown false
onHashtagPress undefined (tag: string) => unknown false
onCustomHyperlinkPress undefined (hyperlink: CustomHyperlink) => unknown false
linkify linkifyIt() linkifyIt.LinkifyIt false


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