react-native-fast-storage is a drop in replacement for AsyncStorage.

This library is the React Native implementation of

It provides very fast read and write access.

Getting started

$ npm install react-native-fast-storage --save

$ react-native link react-native-fast-storage

Additional IOS step

If you encounter this error :

ld: warning: Could not find auto-linked framework 'MMKV'

You need to manually follow these steps :

  • Open up your project in Xcode
  • Select the main target (under "Targets"),
  • Go to the "Build Settings" tab, and find the "Framework Search Paths" section.
  • Add ../node_modules/react-native-fast-storage/ios (non-recursive) for each of your configurations (e.g. Debug and Release).
  • Find the MMKV.framework file in ../node_modules/react-native-fast-storage/ios and drag it into Xcode under the "Frameworks" section. In the dialog that pops up, uncheck "Copy items if needed", choose "Create groups", and ensure your main target is checked under "Add to targets".
  • In Xcode, select the project, then select the main target (under "Targets"), then go to the "General" tab and find the "Embedded Binaries" section. Click the "+" icon and select MMKV.framework which appears under "Frameworks" then click "Add".
  • In Xcode do "Product" -> "Clean".


import FastStorage from "react-native-fast-storage";

await FastStorage.setItem("key", "Coucou toi");

const item = await FastStorage.getItem("key");


All methods are asynchronous, just like AsyncStorage.

Prop Params Returns Description
setItem key, value value Allows to set an item
getItem key value Retrieve the item
removeItem key null Remove an item from the store
clearStore none null Clear the entire store
multiGet Array<key> Array<Array<key, value>> Retrieve multiples item
multiGet Array<Array<key, value>> null Set multiples items
multiRemove Array<key> null Remove multiples items from the store


Get multiple values at once.

static multiGet(keys: Array<string>): Promise<Array<Array<string, string>>>

    const values = await FastStorage.multiGet(['test', 'key'])
    console.log(values) // [['test', 'testValue'], ['key', 'keyValue']]


Set multiple values at once.

static multiSet(keys: Array<Array<string, string>>): Promise<void>

    await FastStorage.multiSet([['test', 'testValue'], ['key', 'keyValue']])


Remove multiples values at once.

static multiRemove(keys: Array<string>): Promise<void>

    await FastStorage.multiRemove(['test', 'key'])