A React Native app for searching GitHub users. Built entirely on Apollo Client 2.0.



This app uses Expo in development. For the best experience, download the Expo mobile app and the Expo XDE - this will allow you to test on both emulators / simulators and your own device. For more information, check out Expo's Tools documentation.

git clone
cd github-search
yarn install

Then just open the project in the Expo XDE, and you should be good to go!

You will also need to create a file in the root named config.js. Here you need to export a custom GitHub token like so:

export const token = '<YOUR_API_TOKEN>';

To generate a GitHub token for your account, read these instructions.


This app is a good staging ground for beginners to get familiar with common practices in React Native. It uses v4 of the GitHub API to query GitHub user and repository data. The v4 API uses GraphQL, so this app is also a good place for beginners to familiarize themselves with writing GraphQL queries.