Superhero Encyclopedia

Made in React Native, constructed with Expo CLI, utilizing the superheroAPI and ComicVine API.

Lessons Learned

My first React Native project!
The main focus here was to make external API calls to pull superhero infomation from a third party site.

?   Future Features

  • ?   Stats Graph
  • ?   List of Movies
  • ?   Timeline of Appearances
  • ?   Streaming Links

?   Deployment

No current Deployment

?   Get Started

From your command line, first clone this repo:

# Clone this repository
$ git clone

# Go into the repository
$ cd hero

# Remove current origin repository
$ git remote remove origin

?   Install

First you need to install Nodejs and npm, this is different depending on the OS you are running so it is easier to check the node page

Install expo, if it fails run you might need to run this with sudo

npm install expo-cli --global

Install the needed packages while in the root folder of the project

npm install

?   Usage

To Start expo all you have to do is run this line

expo start

✍️   Author

? Gino Swanepoel