React Native Swipe Calendar

A swipeable calendar component for React Native.
Fully native interactions powered by Reanimated 2 and React Native Gesture Handler.

SwipeCalendar demo


  1. Follow installation instructions for reanimated and react-native-gesture-handler
  2. npm install or yarn add react-native-swipe-calendar
  3. import Calendar from 'react-native-swipe-calendar'


type HeaderComponent = (props: { date: Date }) => JSX.Element | null;

type DayLabelComponentType = (props: { date: Date }) => JSX.Element | null;

type DayComponentType = (props: {
  date: Date;
  isInDisplayedMonth: boolean;
  isSelected: boolean;
  isToday: boolean;
}) => JSX.Element | null;

type CalendarProps = {
  selectedDate?: Date | null;
  onDateSelect?: OnDateSelect;
  onMonthChange?: (date: Date) => void;
  currentDate?: Date;
  HeaderComponent?: HeaderComponentType;
  DayLabelComponent?: DayLabelComponentType;
  DayComponent?: DayComponentType;
  theme?: Partial<typeof DEFAULT_THEME>;
  monthBuffer?: number;
  minDate?: Date;
  maxDate?: Date;
  pageInterpolator?: typeof defaultPageInterpolator;
  simultaneousHandlers?: React.Ref<unknown> | React.Ref<unknown>[];
  animationConfig?: Partial<Animated.WithSpringConfig>;

Name Type Description
selectedDate Date | null Calendar date to be marked as "selected".
onDateSelect (date: Date) => void Callback invoked when the a date is selected.
onMonthChange (date: Date) => void Callback invoked when the month is changed.
currentDate Date Date to initialize the calendar with.
theme Partial<typeof DEFAULT_THEME> Overrides for default fonts and colors.
HeaderComponent HeaderComponentType Custom replacement for Header component.
DayComponent DayComponentType Custom replacement for Day compoent.
DayLabelComponent DayLabelComponentType Custom replacement for Day Label component ("Su", "Mo", etc).
minDate Date The minimum date the calendar will display
maxDate Date The maximum date the calendar will display
pageInterpolator typeof defaultPageInterpolator A worklet to customize page transition animations. Returns an animated style
animationConfig Partial<Animated.WithSpringConfig> An animation spring config object to customize how page transitions animate.
simultaneousHandlers React.Ref<unknown>, React.Ref<unknown>[] Any RNGH handler refs that wrap the calendar.

Imperative Api

Access the imperative api by passing a ref to the Calendar component:

type ImperativeApiOptions = {
  animated?: boolean;

type CalendarImperativeApi = {
  incrementMonth: (options?: ImperativeApiOptions) => void;
  decrementMonth: (options?: ImperativeApiOptions) => void;
  setMonth: (date: Date, options?: ImperativeApiOptions) => void;

// Example
function MyComponent() {

  const calendarRef = useRef<CalendarImperativeApi>(null)
  const onIncrementButtonPress = () => calendarRef.current?.incrementMonth()
  return (
     <Calendar ref={calendarRef} />
     <MyButton onPress={onIncrementButtonPress} />

Name Type Description
incrementMonth (options: ImperativeApiOptions) => void Go to next month.
decrementMonth (options: ImperativeApiOptions) => void Go to previous month.
setMonth (date: Date, options: ImperativeApiOptions) => void Go to given month.


If you render your own components via DayComponent prop or other custom view, you may need access to more internal state than is available on props. This state may be accessed via the exported useCalendarContext() hook.

NOTE: Be careful about performance! Lots of instances of DayComponent are rendered at any given time. You may need to wrap memoized inner wrappers around your custom components.

type CalendarContextValue = {
  referenceDate: Date,
  selectedDate: Date | null | undefined,
  onDateSelect: OnDateSelect,
  DayComponent:  DayComponentType | undefined,
  DayLabelComponent: DayLabelComponentType | undefined,
  HeaderComponent: HeaderComponentType | undefined,
  theme: typeof DEFAULT_THEME,
  pageInterpolator: typeof defaultPageInterpolator,

// Example
function MyCustomDayComponent({ date, isSelected }) {
  const { onDateSelect } = useCalendarContext()
  // Forward to the `onDateSelect` prop
  const onDayPress = () => onDateSelect(date, { isSelected })
  return (
  <TouchableOpacity onPress={onDayPress}>

Custom pageInterpolator

The pageInterpolator prop enables customization of page animations using a Reanimated "worklet" function. For example, the following pageInterpolator will scale up upcoming months and fade in as they enter, then rotate and fade out as they leave:

// Example
function pageInterpolator({ focusAnim }: CalendarPageInterpolatorParams) {
  const inputRange = [-1, 0, 1]
  // Ensure the current month has a higher zIndex than the surrounding months
  const zIndex = interpolate(focusAnim.value, inputRange, [0, 99, 0])
  // Fade the current month as it enters/leaves focus
  const opacity = interpolate(focusAnim.value, inputRange, [0, 1, 0])
  // Rotate the current month as it leaves focus
  const rotationDeg = interpolate(focusAnim.value, inputRange, [360, 0, 0])
  // Scale up the incoming month
  const scale = interpolate(focusAnim.value, inputRange, [2, 1, 0.25])
  return {
    transform: [{ rotate: `${rotationDeg}deg` }, { scale }]

pageInterpolator demo


import React, {
} from "react";
import {
} from "react-native";
import Calendar from "react-native-swipe-calendar";

if (Platform.OS === "android") {
  UIManager.setLayoutAnimationEnabledExperimental &&

export default function App() {

  const [currentDate, setCurrentDate] = useState(new Date());
  const [selectedDate, setSelectedDate] = useState<Date | null>(null);
  const calendarRef = useRef(null);
  return (
    <View style={styles.container}>
        theme={{ todayIndicatorDotColor: "blue" }}
        onDateSelect={(date, { isSelected }) => setSelectedDate(isSelected ? null : date )}
        onMonthChange={(date) => {
      <View style={styles.controlBar}>
          onPress={() => calendarRef.current?.decrementMonth()}
          onPress={() => calendarRef.current?.incrementMonth()}

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  container: { 
    flex: 1, 
    backgroundColor: "white", 
    paddingTop: 100 
  incDec: {
    paddingHorizontal: 20,
    padding: 10,
    backgroundColor: "lightgrey",
    alignItems: "center",
    justifyContent: "center",
    borderRadius: 5,
  controlBar: {
    position: "absolute",
    top: 100,
    left: 0,
    right: 0,
    flexDirection: "row",
    justifyContent: "space-between",