React Native Health Card

React Native Health Card is a module that displays a look-a-like health fund card on your react native view!



  • npm install react-native-health-card --save
  • Now you can require the health card by import HealthCard from 'react-native-health-card'!

Available Props

Property Type Default Description
bgColor string #419dff The background color of the health card of type generic.
cardHolderName string John Smith Name of the card holder.
cardNumber string N/A The card number. Note: Only applicable for type bupa.
cardNumberLength string N/A The card number length. Note: Only applicable for type bupa.
height number 180 The height of the card.
focus string all The attribute to focus on. Available options: all, memberNumber, issueNumber, rank, issueDate, cardHolderName.
issueDate string N/A The card issue date. E.g. 12/12/2015
issueDateFormat string dd/mm/yyyy Format of the issue date in the format of d, m, and y.
issueNumber string N/A The issue number to display on the card.
issueNumberLength string 2 The length of the issue number.
memberNumber string N/A The member number to display on the card.
memberNumberLength string 8 The member number length.
rank string N/A The card rank.
rankLength string 2 The card rank length.
showBack bool false Shows the back of the card.
showCardHolderName bool true Shows the name of the card holder.
showCardNumber bool true Shows the card number. Note: Only applicable for type bupa.
showIssueDate bool true Shows the card issue date.
showIssueNumber bool true Shows the issue number.
showMembershipNumber bool true Shows the membership number.
showSwipeBar bool true Whether or not to show the black swipe bar on the back of the card.
showRank bool true Shows the rank.
type string generic Type of health fund card. Available options: generic, ahm, bupa, mbp, hcf. (More coming soon)
width number 300 The width of the card.


To run the example in the example/ folder:

  • Ensure you have react-native installed globally.
  1. cd example/
  2. npm install
  3. react-native run-ios
import HealthCard from 'react-native-health-card';