The frontend logic for MobiCommerce, React Native e-commerce app, for a mobile platform. A mobile e-commerce application designed to provide users with an easy and convenient shopping experience. It offers two user profiles: normal users and administrators, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

Normal User Features:

● Browse through a wide selection of products, with the ability to filter and search based on various criteria such as category, price, and product name.
● Choose between two payment options: cash on delivery or online payment via Stripe, a well-known and secure payment platform.
● Conveniently place orders and monitor their status through the app.

Administrator Dashboard Features:

● A powerful and intuitive dashboard exclusively for administrators, allowing them to manage the product catalog and monitor orders.
● Add new categories, create new products, edit existing products and product images, and manage product availability.
● Monitor all orders and manage order processing, from receiving the order to delivering the product.
● Visualize the number of in-stock and out-of-stock products using a pie chart, providing a quick overview of their inventory and helping to make informed decisions.

Admin Screens

AdminPanel AdminProfile ProductCategories NewProduct

Password Screens

ChangePassword ForgetPassword

Products Screens

ProductFootwear ProductPhone ProductTelevision

Product Details Screens

ProductMacbookDetails ProductFootwearDetails

Orders Screens

OrdersScreen OrderSuccessMessage

Payment Screens

PaymentMethods PaymentStripe

Payment Confirmation from MongoDB and Stripe

mongodb_payment_completion stripe_payment_completion


Run ‘npx expo start’


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