HKUCS FYP Ride-sharing App For Hong Kong

Front-end: React Native + Native Base + Expo

Back-end: Nodejs + Expressjs + MongoDB + Redis

An easy-to-use ride sharing mobile app for Hong Kong. Using React Native for the App and Nodejs for the API, and Python for matching engine.



  1. Nodejs v8.x.x installed (npm command avaliable)

  2. Install Expo app in your smartphone

  3. Install yarn with version >=1.12.3 installed

  4. modify the content of serverURL in config.js file, to the local/public IP address of the machine this server to be running on

  5. Setup all back-end services described at https://github.com/eric19960304/Ridesharing-App-For-HK-Back-End

Install npm packages (under project's root directory):


To start the Expo-cli development tool:

yarn start

Then follow the instruction of the Expo-cli to start the App in your smartphone.