NOTE: I abandoned moxxy due to various technical issues with React Native and its libraries. I am, however, currently working on its successor project: MoxxyV2!

Moxxy is (or maybe will be) an experimental XMPP client that tries to be as user-friendly and modern (looking)
as possible to minimise friction for users coming from “legacy” messenging services.

The name

The name comes from my original prototyping name Modern XMPP Client. If you shorten it to MoXC, it sounds like


Moxxy is currently not working. You may log in, send and receive messages but it cannot do much more at the moment.

Description Image
Easy registration Easy registration
Post easy registration Post easy registration
Chat overview Chat overview
Chat Chat
Profile overview Profile overview
Roster Roster

Planned Features

0.1 Alpha

  • Make it generally work (Simple message sending, receiving)
  • Store sent files somewhere
  • Make the UI look nice
  • Make the login more asynchronous
  • Clean and lint the code
  • Add a licenses page in the setting

0.2 Alpha

  • Actually implement the settings

0.3 Alpha

  • Implement push notifications using OpenPush (+ implement a push server)
  • Implement the actual registration (it is currently just stubbed)


  • Also allow connections using plain TCP (depends on the XMPP library)
  • Groupchats
  • Reduce app size





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