React Native SQLite + Dropbox sync demo

This project is a basic List application that demonstrates building an offline first app with SQLite and React Native (featuring TypeScript and CocoaPods under the hood). Once authorized, the database can be synced between multiple iOS devices using Dropbox.

These instructions cover iOS and macOS usage at this time.

Install JS dependencies

npm install

Install iOS dependencies (requires Cocoapods)

pushd ios/
pod install

Install macOS dependencies

pushd macos/
pod install

Start the React Native Metro Bundler

npm run start:macos

Run (and debug) on the iOS simulator

With the "React Native Tools" VSCode extension installed, open the Debug tab and press the "Play" button with "Debug iOS" selected in the dropdown.

When the simulator opens, press Command-D to open the developer menu. Tap "Debug JS Remotely" to connect VSCode to the app and enable debugging.


open ios/RNSQLiteDemo.xcworkspace

Select a simulator of your choice. Press the "run" button.

Run on the macOS simulator

Open the macOS Xcode project:

open macos/RNSQLiteDemo.xcworkspace/

Select My Mac as the "active scheme". Press the "Build and then run" (Play) button.

Types and testing

Compile TypeScript source in watch mode

npm run tsc -- -w

Run the Jest unit tests

npm test

E2E Testing with Detox on iOS

End-to-end testing happens from within the e2e/ directory:

cd e2e/
npm install

Build E2E tests

npm run test:e2e:build

Run E2E tests

npm run test:e2e

Run tests without reinstalling onto the Simulator

Details on this workflow can be found here:

npm run test:e2e:reuse


Run Metro Bundler and clear it's cache

npm start -- --reset-cache