Cosmos - Boxed Social Media Platform

Cosmos is an open source Social Media platform. The project aims to provide a dedicated box like platform for it's users where they can have dedicated spaces for their friends, family, work circle, etc. We achieve this by utilizing Boxes. Inside of each box you add users by there email that are relevant to that box. This helps you focus and share content in groups (boxes) where that content would matter the most.


Latest Release: Cosmos

Features Implemented

Feature Gist How to! Helps With
Box Created separate boxes filled with people who are interested in a common topic As the main aim of the project is to try to provide a more professional social platform, it is necessary we take steps that lets a common audience see a particular set of content.
Reactions React to posts by clicking icons as per your wish Lets the users react to posts to showcase their agreement or disagreement from the post, currently there are three types of reaction a user can give (Like, Meh, Sad)
Comments Click the message/comment icon on the right of the post and start a discussion Reactions sometime aren't able to disclose what an individual might have to share with others on the topic, hence they can leave a comment let other know what they feel or want to share
Minimal Notification You get notifications from default All new posts in a current box give notifications

Future Features Plans

Review the Latest Build and let us know where we can improve, see future plans below and if you don't find your issue/feature request listed, open an issue.

Feature Gist How to! Helps With
Minimal Notifications The app would trigger notifications on specific events Lets the user know about the updates related to there posts (add notifications for different events)
Deep linking The app will allow to open links shared through other platforms Would allow the users to share links to posts on other platforms as well, and these links will be handled in the Cosmos app
Sharing Api Call the standard share api provided by react native Will showcase multiple options to the user for sharing there posts on different platforms