An iOS and Android client for written in React Native with Redux.


Ensure that you're using NodeJS 7 or newer on OSX. Android projects can be built and tested on Linux and Windows, but for iOS you need OSX .

Before getting started, ensure you follow the official React Native Getting Started guide for your desired platform (iOS/Android). It is also recommended to have the react-native-cli installed:

yarn global add react-native-cli

Run the following to initialise the project:


iOS development

Providing Xcode is setup correctly, Follow link bellow for running in Xcode :

Running on IOS Devices

Also don't forget to install Pod dependencies

pod install
  • for opening project in Xcode use Nearby.xcworkspace

Android development

Ensure that Android Studio is setup correctly and that an AVD has been created. The virtual device must be on API level 23 or greater running Android 6.0 or newer. You must have the AVD started before continuing with no other devices connected. To ensure you only have one device running, execute the following on the command-line:

adb devices

To run the application in the virtual device, run the following:

yarn start:android