Animated FlatList component that supports entering, exiting and reordering animations.


npm i react-native-flatlist-animated


Supports zoom, fade and slide animations for enterance and exit.

zoom slide

Key Advantages

  • No animation on layout properties (better performance)
  • Handles unmounting and mounting animations
  • Handles list re-ordering
  • Native driver is used in all animations
  • Supports React Native FlatList props
  • JavaScript only implementation
  • Fully typed


import { Text, View } from "react-native";
import AnimatedFlatList from "react-native-flatlist-animated";

const listData = [
  { key: "item1", value: "ITEM-1" },
  { key: "item2", value: "ITEM-2" },

() => (
    style={{ width: "100%" }}
    renderItem={({ item, _index }) => (
      <View style={{ width: "100%", height: "100%" }}>


Property Description Default
itemContainerHeight Required. Height of a single list item. -
entering Optional. Animation selection for entering phase. zoomIn
exiting Optional. Animation selection for exiting phase. zoomOut
transition Optional. Animation selection for layout transitions. spring
reordering Optional. Animation selection for items that are moved up in the list. translateOnly
timingConfig Optional. Animation configuration for transitions. Requires transition="timing". Default timing config in Animated API. Note that below props will be overwritten: toValue: 1, duration: depends, delay: depends, useNativeDriver: true
springConfig Optional. Animation configuration for transitions. Requires transition="spring". Default spring config in Animated API. Note that below props will be overwritten: toValue: 1, delay: depends, useNativeDriver: true
enterDuration Optional. Duration of entering animation in milliseconds. 250
exitDuration Optional. Duration of exiting animation in milliseconds. 250
horizontalSlideRange Optional. The initial or final position to be used in sliding type animations. screen width


Check full example in the Example folder.

  • Click on the items to remove them from the list.
  • Press Add Item to add random entry from the map.
  • Press Delete Item to remove a random entry from the list.
  • Press Reorder Item to pick a random entry and change its position randomly.

Note: The assets used in the example app represent imaginary characters but influenced by real friendship. I have used Aseprite for pixel art.


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