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About the project

This project is developed solely by Estee Tey.


I had built Billy intended for these few specific target audiences:

  • Less tech-savvy users like my mom, who are only-mobile users, and prefer having specific apps for specific functionalities. They would benefit heavily from native notifications to keep track of their bills.
  • Techies like me who are less organized, but has a ton of subscriptions to remember to manage and pay on time. Many times, I also don’t want to automatically renew these subscriptions if I don’t use them much during the trial period.

My mom & I both like cute stuff, so that’s how Billy has its name.

Work thus far

A live progress can be found in this #BuildInPublic tweet thread. Otherwise, for more in-depth details, you could refer to


Some funny tweet threads about Billy:

Tech Notes

Building blocks of this project

Misc Tech Notes

If you are interested on some other tech notes how this app is built, check out the tech notes.

Set up instructions

Install the node modules & pods

npm i
npx pod-install

Then run 1 of the commands

npm run ios
npm run android

You would need the Supabase project related environment variables as mentioned in .env.sample. You can create your own project and replace those values.


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