Boilerplate app to geographically map user content, built on top of the awesome Expo toolchain.


Create your own app (in minutes!) to map interesting things around your neighborhood. Maybe it's your fav graffiti, or a really nice sofa that needs a new home. Other users are notified in real time and can comment on each post.

Get started

  1. Fork and clone this repo
  2. Install package depenencies: run npm i && cd functions && npm i && cd ..
  3. Use the *.example.* files to create you own versions of app.json, firebase.json, and config/options.json
  4. Setup the backend:
    1. Visit the firebase console and create a new project,
    2. Select Authentication and enable Email/Password and Anonymous signin methods
    3. Select Database and create a Firestore database
    4. Select Storage and click Get Started
    5. Install the firebase cli
    6. Run firebase setup:web and copy the printed config variables into firebase.json (don't overwrite existing rule paths)
    7. Run firebase deploy
  5. Run expo start


app.json - this is your standard expo config file. You'll need to customize this before publishing.

config/options.json - Everything related to the look-and-feel of the app, and which features are enabled, comes from this file.

name default description
defaultEmoji ? the default emoji for new items
noEmojiPicker false disallow users to pick their own emoji for new items
newMsgPlaceholder ['Say something...'] Array of placeholder strings to be chosen from at random