(React Native) Booking Rider System


Here is my React Native source code for real-time booking rider system capable of finding riders, tracking delivery process with google maps, tracking delivery history, get notification with Firebase



Please refer to this video link to see how this system works:


  1. For clients
  • Booking a Ride.
  • Booking a Delivery.
  • Finding Riders.
  • Deal the Price Base On Distance with Riders
  • Get Information About The Road, Distance, Location of Rider through Google Map APIs
  • Get Notification About Delivery Process By Using Firebase
  • Managing User Information
  1. For riders
  • Get Information about Ride
  • Confirm / Cancel Ride
  • Get Suggestion Road by Using Google Map APIs
  • Clear Process From Get a Ride to Finish a Ride
  • Get Notification By Using Firebase
  • Managing User Information


  1. Simply clone the project from this project.
  2. Run “npm install” or “yarn” to install node_modules.
  3. Run “npm start” then “npm run ios” for IOS simulator or “npm run android” for Android emulator.


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