App Center Sample App for React Native

The React Native application in this repository will help you quickly and easily onboard to Visual Studio App Center.

About this repository

The App Center SDK modules are already integrated within the application.

Build status (master branch)

Build Service Status
App Center (iOS) Build status
App Center (Android) Build status
Azure Pipelines (iOS & Android) Build Status


First navigate to the Getting Started tutorial linked below. After following that tutorial, you can choose which App Center service to explore.

How to run the app

Make sure you are running NodeJS 7.4+ and have CocoaPods installed

npm install
npm install react-native-cli -g
cd ios && pod update && cd ..

Make sure you have the testing device plugged in or an emulator running and run npm run ios or npm run android depending on the platform you want to use.

The first time the application build may take very long, the subsequent builds are going to be faster.


Tutorial Description Screenshot
Getting Started Set up the app
Build Build the app image
Test Run automated UI tests on real devices image
Distribute Distribute application to a group of users image
Crashes Monitor application crashes image
Analytics View user analytics image
CodePush Deploy mobile app updates directly to their users’ devices image


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