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Choosy – Create photo polls

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Choosy is a user-based app that allows others to vote on which of your photos they think should be uploaded on your social media accounts!

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App concept

Being authentic is what the internet is all about! But in a world where we take so many photos, it’s not always easy deciding which one is best! We ask for our friends’ opinions and spend hours trying to choose, often with no success.

And that’s how we got inspired to create Choosy!

  • Create photo polls! Don’t waste time trying to choose between two or more photos. Let our community help you!
  • Get real opinions from real users! Don’t limit yourself to just a few friends. Choosy gives you the ability to collect feedback from a variety of people, each with their own unique way of thinking.
  • Be active and help others decide! Just like you, other users also appreciate help! Select the pictures that you think will get the most likes. Your opinion counts!
  • Find the best photo! After your polls expire, only the best voted photos remain. The only thing you have to do is upload them on your social media accounts and stun your followers and friends!


Our main goal was to produce an application that is:

  • performant
  • scalable
  • maintainable
  • secure
  • easy to use

We regard our final product to be a success, since through stress and user testing we came to the conclusion that all of the above requirments were fulfilled to a satisfying degree. Additionally, we received a decent amount of user feedback, the vast majority of which was strongly positive (also indicated by our reviews on both App store and Play store).


With regard to the principles mentioned above, we used the following technologies for the development of the app:

More details about the implementation and practises used can be found inside the frontend and backend folders.


This project was created by Apostolis Garos and Nick Vlachakis, two undergraduate students studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at National Technical University of Athens.

We both contributed at every part of the design, development and deployment of the entire system and application. Coming from a period of thoroughly studying software engineering through university classes and personal online research, this was our first production level project.


Apostolis Garos – LinkedIn[email protected]

Nikos Vlachakis – LinkedIn[email protected]


Distributed under the BSD-3-Clause License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.


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