ChromeCast ReactNative

Sample app showing Chromecast IOS API used from React-Native JavaScript (Developed in Swift)

Setup Instructions

Install React-Native - npm install -g react-native-cli
Install CocoaPods - sudo gem install cocoapods
git clone
cd ChromeCast_ReactNative/
pod install
npm install
open ChromeCastExperiments.xcworkspace with XCode
Build and run (using IPhone device or simulator)
Once the app is running, click on "Scan for Devices" to locate your active Chromecast devices.
Click on the ChromeCast device name you want to cast the video, to connect to it. (ex. "Living Room")
Enter the video details in the boxes or just use the default. (Big Buck Bunny)
Click "Cast Video" to start playing the Video on the Chromecast.
Click "Disconnect" when you like to stop the video and disconnect from the Chromecast.


  • Create package for npmjs
  • Reconnect to device playing a video
  • Seek to time interval
  • Pause, resume, stop
  • Report current video time
  • Add to