CometChat Kitchen Sink Sample App (built using CometChat UIKit) is a fully functional real-time messaging app capable of private (one-on-one), group messaging, voice & video calling.


  • Login
  • Private(1-1) & Group conversations
  • Voice & video calling & conferencing
  • Rich Media Attachments
  • Typing Indicators
  • Text, Media and Custom messages
  • Read receipts
  • Online Presence Indicators
  • Message History
  • Users & Friends List
  • Groups List
  • Search by users and groups
  • Conversations List
  • Threaded Conversations


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Note: Support for Expo CLI based apps.
If you are using Expo CLI to build a React Native app, the calling component will not work as our calling component needs native-level changes.However, you can create a React Native app using React Native CLI or use the ‘expo eject’ command to convert your app from an expo-managed workflow to a bare workflow.


  1. Simply clone the project from this project. After cloning the repository:

Setting up the sample app

  • Obtain your APP_ID, AUTH_KEY and REGION from CometChat-Pro Dashboard

  • Open the project.

  • Run cd CometChatWorkspace/src.

  • Modify APP_ID and AUTH_KEY and REGION with your own (update the CONSTS.js file).

  • Hit yarn add to install the packages.

  • Run cd ios then run pod install to install the pods. Once pods are installed run cd .. to go back to the root folder.

  • Run the app on iOS using npx react-native run-ios & on Android using npx react-native run-android.

  • Select demo users or enter the UID at the time of login once the app is launched.

Build and run the Sample App.

Note: error:0308010C:digital envelope routines
If you are using node 17 and above, You may come accross this error code. To solve this please set NODE_OPTIONS with openssl-legacy-provider. Execute below command in terminal export NODE_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider then react-native start.
Note: generating release APK.
Setting the below line in android/build.gradle true or false will determine whether to generate multiple APKs for different CPU architectures or a single APK bundle that works on all devices despite the CPU you’re running it on but at the cost of APK bundle size. Default value is true def enableSeparateBuildPerCPUArchitecture = true

Learn more about UI-Kit

Learn more about how to integrate UI Kit inside your app.


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