React Native Pin View

Easy, convenient, quick-forming PinView component. It runs smoothly for both IOS and Android, and has only keyboard and input. Thats means you can use everywhere also there is no need to run react-native link.


What's new in v2.0.1

With v2.0.1 user inputted pin will not verified by react-native-pin-view. PinView component will only return the inputted value.

  • returnType added (Return type of inputted value : array or string)
  • onComplete added (This will return inputtedVal and clear() callback) (When user inputted the pin it will run. (Will return inputted value as returnType))
  • pinLength added (User pin length or default pin length for all users.)
  • clear() you can use this in onComplete callback. If you want to clear user input you should call this.

Getting Started

via Yarn

yarn add react-native-pin-view

via NPM

npm install --save react-native-pin-view

Basic Usage

import PinView from 'react-native-pin-view'

            onComplete={(val, clear)=>{alert(val)}}


Prop Type Default Description Required
buttonTextColor string #333 Color of the texts on the number keyboard. No
buttonBgColor string #FFF Background of the buttons on the number keyboard No
inputBgColor string #333 Input color before entering the pin No
inputBgOpacity number 0.1 Input opacity before entering the pin No
inputActiveBgColor string #333 The input color that is active when entering the pin. No
deleteText string DEL Appears when the user starts entering the pin. No
onComplete func none When the user completed input the pin, then inputted value will return. Also clear() is returning too. So if you want to remove user input after onComplete call clear() func in onComplete. Yes
returnType string string onComplete returning value type. It can be string or array No
pinLength number none (Min length: 3 , Max length: 8) User pin length like or 5 If you're using hashed pin then set default length all pin or use pin length. Yes
disabled boolean false Optionally, you can set this props true or false. If true, the user can not enter the password. No

Example App

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { View } from 'react-native';
import PinView from 'react-native-pin-view'

type Props = {};
export default class Master extends Component<Props> {
  constructor(props) {
    this.onComplete = this.onComplete.bind(this);
    this.state = {
        pin: "896745"
  onComplete(inputtedPin, clear) {
  console.log("Pin is correct")
  render() {
    return (
      <View style={ {
        flex           : 1,
        backgroundColor: '#f1f1f1',
        justifyContent : 'center'
      } }>
        // pinLength={6} // You can also use like that.