Customizable progressive image for React Native with FastImage

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React Native Progressive Fast Image React Native Progressive Fast Image


Add the dependency:

npm i @freakycoder/react-native-progressive-fast-image

Peer Dependencies

IMPORTANT! You need install them
"react-native-fast-image": ">= 8.3.2"



import ProgressiveFastImage from "@freakycoder/react-native-progressive-fast-image";

Fundamental Usage

It accepts every Image and FastImage props. You can use it like you used to.


Configuration - Props

useNativeDriver?: boolean;

Property Type Default Description
source Source undefined set the main source of the image
thumbnailSource ImageSourcePropType undefined set the thumbnail source of the image
loadingSource ImageSourcePropType undefined set the error source of the image
errorSource ImageSourcePropType undefined set the loading source of the image
loadingImageComponent Component default WARNING: Read the below!
blurRadius number 15 change the blur radius level

loadingImageComponent Usage

If you want to set your own component for the loading image, you should set this style for the top of the component

  top: 0,
  left: 0,
  right: 0,
  bottom: 0,
  position: "absolute",
  alignItems: "center",
  alignSelf: "center",
  justifyContent: "center",

Customization Props

Property Type Default Description
style style default change or override main image style
loadingImageStyle style default change or override loading image style
thumbnailAnimationDuration number default change the thumbnail animation's duration
imageAnimationDuration number default change the main image animation's duration
useNativeDriver boolean true change the animations useNativeDriver value

Future Plans

  • [x] LICENSE
  • [x] Built-in Loading Indicator
  • [x] Built-in Error Image Source
  • [ ] Write an article about the lib on Medium


FreakyCoder, [email protected]