Daily Quiz

This is simple react-native application for playing quiz daily. A spring-boot backend for this application here. This app can be used in offices as entertainment. A quiz season can be hosted and each day a new qiuz can be published. Player can track points and position in leaderboard. At the end of the season top there winnner can be announced through the app.
A web dashboard app to host seasons and questions is here.


  1. Clone project
git clone [email protected]:akasrai/daily-quiz-mobile.git
  1. Install Dependencies
cd DailyQuiz
  1. Setup env
  • Create new file env.js
  • Copy content from env.example.js
  • Add valid credentials
  1. Run development Server
npm start
  1. Run on android using npx
npx react-native run-android

Firebase Cloud Messaging (Push Notification)

  • Setup project in firebase console

  • add google-services.json provided by firebase in android/app/ folder for android app

Backend Setup

  • Find backend setup here