DocKo App

Docko is basically a Application . It is used for Adevtizing of Hospital. This application contain information about Hospital Information Like Top Rated Doctors,Specialist Doctor,Famous Doctor in Hospital,Experience of Doctor in Hospital etc.

It is used for Giving Information to Patient about Hospital and Doctors.

Preview of Docko Application

This Application is Tested and Runed in Android Emulator Only.


Screen Shorts of Docko Application

Dockophoto1 Dockophoto2

Dockophoto3 Dockophoto4


Android Only

Due To some Reason’s this Application is Tested and Runed in Only Android Emulator. In future it is also tested in ios device’s


The Below table Framework’s is used in this project. To Run This Project. This Framework has been installed in system with same Version or Lastest Version.

Framework Version
ReactNative 0.67
Node.js 16.14.0

Command for Execute Project

 npm run android


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