Fully customizable QR Codes generator for React Native using react-native-svg


npm i react-native-svg react-native-qrcode-styled

or with yarn

yarn add react-native-svg react-native-qrcode-styled


Simple usage is:

import QRCodeStyled from 'react-native-qrcode-styled';

  data={'Simple QR Code'}
  style={{backgroundColor: 'white'}}

For more examples check out the Example app


Name Default Type Description
data “I’m QR Code!” string Message for encoding. Can also be an array. More info HERE.
pieceSize 5 number Size of each piece of the QR code
pieceScale undefined SvgProps[‘scale’] Scale of each piece of the QR code
pieceRotation undefined SvgProps[‘rotation’] Angle of rotation of each piece of the QR code (in degrees)
pieceCornerType ’rounded’ ’rounded’ | ‘cut’ Type of piece corner
pieceBorderRadius 0 number | number[] Border radius of all corners of each piece. Can also be an array to define different border radius for each corner (start from top-left corner)
pieceStroke undefined ColorValue Border color of each piece
pieceStrokeWidth undefined number Border with of each piece
pieceLiquidRadius undefined number Level of liquid effect between pieces. If you have pieceBorderRadius set isPiecesGlued to true
isPiecesGlued false boolean If true between pieces will be glue effect. You will see this if you have pieceBorderRadius > 0
outerEyesOptions undefined EyeOptions | AllEyesOptions Configurations for outer eyes of QR code. If they defined, previous piece configurations won’t be work
innerEyesOptions undefined EyeOptions | AllEyesOptions The same as outerEyesOptions prop but for inner eyes
color ‘black’ ColorValue Color of QR code
gradient undefined GradientProps Gradient of QR code. Can be two types: ‘linear’ ?
padding undefined number Padding inside <Svg/> component from QR code
backgroundImage undefined svg’s <Image/> props type Background image for QR code
version undefined number Description
maskPattern undefined number Description
toSJISFunc undefined function Description
errorCorrectionLevel ‘M’ ‘L’ | ‘M’ | ‘Q’ | ‘H’ Description
renderCustomPieceItem undefined RenderCustomPieceItem Render custom piece of QR code. It must return svg component. If it defined, previous piece and eyes configurations won’t be work
children undefined (pieceSize: number, bitMatrix: number[][]) => SvgProps[‘children’] Ability to add any additional svg components as children
…rest <Svg/> props



type EyeOptions = {
  scale?: PathProps['scale']; // scaleXY | [scaleX, scaleY]
  rotation?: string | number;
  borderRadius?: BorderRadius;
  color?: ColorValue;
  gradient?: GradientProps;
  stroke?: ColorValue;
  strokeWidth?: number;


type EyePosition = 'topLeft' | 'topRight' | 'bottomLeft';

type AllEyesOptions = { [K in EyePosition]?: EyeOptions }


type GradientType = 'linear' | 'radial';

type LinearGradientProps = {
  colors?: ColorValue[];
  start?: [number, number]; // start point [x, y] (0 -> 0%, 1 -> 100%)
  end?: [number, number]; // end point [x, y] (0 -> 0%, 1 -> 100%)
  locations?: number[]; // list of colors positions (0 -> 0%, 1 -> 100%)

type RadialGradientProps = {
  colors?: ColorValue[];
  center?: [number, number]; // center point [x, y] (0 -> 0%, 1 -> 100%)
  radius?: [number, number]; // radiusXY [x, y] (0 -> 0%, 1 -> 100%)
  locations?: number[]; // list of colors positions (0 -> 0%, 1 -> 100%)

type GradientProps = {
  type?: GradientType;
  options?: LinearGradientProps | RadialGradientProps;


type RenderCustomPieceItem = ({x, y, pieceSize, qrSize, bitMatrix}: {
  x: number;
  y: number;
  pieceSize: number;
  qrSize: number;
  bitMatrix: number[][];
}) => React.ReactElement | null;


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.




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