Github Treading App powered by React Native.


install packages with yarn and then yarn ios or yarn android to run the application on the device.


  1. Current react-natiev-modal-popover version has issue with Android. See details here .I manually fix this in node_modules by changing useNativeDriver: Platform.OS === 'ios'
  2. If you, or any libraries that you use, use you will need to change that to This is required in Expo App 22.


For the favorite page, there is some delay for Github API. That's why I put 2 min for fetching remote starred repos. And keep fetching remote starred repos cost a lot of network traffic. Anyway, you are not able to see your new stars instantly.

Screen shots



  1. Mobx
  2. Use custom view for repos instead of WebView
  3. Favorite Page add search module
  4. Coverage
  5. Eslint
  6. Travis