Mobile App of the Gympoint System. As a student, you're able to do checkins, help orders and also get to know what the instructors answered. Students're allowed to do only 5 checkins per week.

Future features:

  • Trainings made by the Personal Trainer - Students can access some datas that show how they've been improving in their trainings

To see the api, click here: Gympoint Rest API

To see the admin interface, click here to take a look in the web aplicattion: Gympoint Web

:runner: Installation

 // 1 - Git Clone
  // 2 - Copy the .env.example and set the environment variables
  cp .env.example .env
  // 3 - Installing the project (Be sure to have installed the react native cli)

   // If you're going to emulate with android - run this command 
   react-native run-android 
   // If you're going to emulate with ios - run this command 
   react-native run-ios 
  // 3 - Run the application (Be sure to have the API running locally)
    yarn start
  // If usually use have some error, try it 
    yarn start --reset-cache