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? Inspiration

As more and more people are becoming health-conscious, it is important to have access to accurate and easy-to-understand nutritional information for the foods we eat. However, finding this information can often be difficult, especially for packaged foods and homemade recipes. That’s where HealthHive comes in.

Our inspiration for HealthHive was to create a simple and convenient way for users to access nutritional information for a wide range of foods, including packaged foods and recipes. By using a Barcode code scanner and a recipe analysis feature, we wanted to make it easy for users to quickly retrieve and view this information, without having to search through lengthy labels or websites.

? What it does

HealthHive is a mobile app that allows users to scan the Barcode on the back of a packaged food to view its nutritional information. The app displays the information in a clear and easy-to-understand format, including details on the serving size, calories, and various nutrients. If the nutritional information for a particular food is not available in the app’s database, users can also contribute by adding it themselves.

In addition to the Barcode code scanning feature, HealthHive also offers a recipe analysis tool. Users can enter the ingredients used in their recipe and the app will calculate and display the nutritional information for the entire dish.

HealthHive also has a user login and registration system. Users can create an account with HealthHive using their email address and password, or they can use their Google account to sign in. Once logged in, users have access to their own personal profile page where they can view and edit their account information.

? How we built it

To build HealthHive, we used React Native for the front-end development of the app, and Appwrite for the back-end tasks such as storing and retrieving data from the database. We also implemented a Barcode code using expo-barcode-scanner

The process of building HealthHive involved designing the user interface, setting up the database and back-end functions for the login, profile, and contribution features, and integrating the Barcode scanner and recipe analysis tool. We also spent time testing and debugging the app to ensure it was reliable and user-friendly.

⚡ Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges we faced while building HealthHive was integrating the Barcode code scanner into the app. There were a few different libraries available to use, but finding one that was compatible with React Native and easy to set up took some trial and error.

Another challenge we encountered was making sure the nutritional information was displayed in a clear and easy-to-understand way. We wanted to avoid overwhelming users with too much information, so we had to carefully balance the amount of detail provided. Implementing the login and profile features also presented some challenges, as we had to make sure the user’s data was securely stored and protected.

Developing the recipe analysis tool also required some research and development time. We had to make sure these features were reliable and seamless for the user.

? Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are proud of the user-friendly interface we were able to create for HealthHive, including the login and profile features, as well as the recipe analysis tool. We believe these make it easy for users to access and understand the nutritional information for the foods they are interested in, as well as manage their own account information and be recognized for their contributions.

We are also proud of the contribution feature, which allows users to add nutritional information for foods that are not already in the database. This helps to expand the database and make it more comprehensive for all users. ?

? What we learned

Through the process of building HealthHive, we learned how to use React Native and Appwrite to build a mobile app, as well as how to integrate a Barcode code scanner, implement a login and profile system. We also learned about the importance of user experience and the challenges of balancing the amount of information displayed to users.

? What’s next for HealthHive

There are many potential directions we could take HealthHive in the future. Currently, we are planning to add the ability to track and analyze a user’s nutritional intake over time, as well as offering the option to search for foods by name if a Barcode code is not available.

One feature we are particularly excited about is the inclusion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a way to reward users for their contributions to the HealthHive community. By earning NFTs for adding nutritional information to the database, users will have a tangible way to showcase their contributions and be recognized by the community.

We are also open to other suggestions and ideas from users, and welcome feedback on how we can improve and expand the app. ?

Overall, we hope that HealthHive will continue to be a valuable tool for anyone looking to make more informed and healthy food choices. With its easy-to-use QR code scanner and comprehensive database of nutritional information, as well as the ability to track and analyze a user’s intake, we believe HealthHive has the potential to make a positive impact on people’s lives. ?

? Demo / Screenshots

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