Reanimated Bottom Sheet

Highly configurable component imitating native bottom sheet behavior built from scratch with react-native-gesture-handler and react-native-reanimated. No JS animations, 60 FPS!

Usable with Expo with no extra native dependencies!

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Make sure that you have previously installed and linked react-native-gesture-handler and react-native-reanimated and then:

yarn add reanimated-bottom-sheet


npm install reanimated-bottom-sheet


import BottomSheet from 'reanimated-bottom-sheet'

class Example extends React.Component {
  renderInner = () => (
    /* render */

  renderHeader = () => (
    /* render */

  render() {
    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
          snapPoints = {[450, 300, 0]}
          renderContent = {this.renderInner}
          renderHeader = {this.renderHeader}


name required default description
snapPoints yes E.g. [300, 200, 0]. Points for snapping of bottom sheet coomponent. They define distance from bottom of the screen. Might be number or percent (as string e.g. '20%') for points or percents of screen height from bottom.
initialSnap no 0 Determines initial snap point of bottom sheet.
renderContent no Method for rendering scrollable content of bottom sheet.
renderHeader no Method for rendering non-scrollable header of bottom sheet.
enabledGestureInteraction no true Defines if bottom sheet could be scrollable by gesture.
enabledManualSnapping no true If false blocks snapping using snapTo method.
enabledInnerScrolling no true Defines whether it's possible to scroll inner content of bottom sheet.
callbackNode no reanimated node which holds position of bottom sheet, where 1 it the highest snap point and 0 is the lowest.



Imperative command for snapping to snap point in given index. E.g.



Few more complicated examples can be found in Example folder

cd Example
expo start

Project is also available on Expo.


It's not very finished and some work has to be done yet.

  1. Play with magic config values
  2. Horizontal mode
  3. Deal with GH in inner scrollView
  4. Cleanup code (e.g. measuring of components)